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A project consists of an extension and renovation works to an old stone country house covered with the traditional Portuguese tiles (Azulejos) called Quinta dos Álamos. It is located in Monsanto village, Castelo Branco - a very ancient and rural district of Central region, interior of Portugal.

This 19th century romantic period country house used to belong to a professor, which in that period was recognized as a prestige profession and made it possible to build villas and country houses using the finest materials and techniques. Building is in a poor state, partly demolished but with a huge potential of gaining its “second breath”. It represents a precise craftsmen work which is well-preserved in the façade elements such as: wedges, friezes, cornices and window details. Also inside you can sense an aristocratic atmosphere - high decorative molded ceiling and skylight on top of stairs. The client decided to create an elderly residence and day care center that required an extension to the existing volume. That would give rooms for 24 residents and 26 daily users as well as supply 50 meals a day. The layout of the existing house is quite simple. All the logistic, technical and administrative areas with a canteen are planned in the first two levels. the rooms are placed on the levels above, depending on the existing window configuration. The new volume and the house are connected by a two level annex, which also links to a chapel. The annex with its materiality continues the old building while respecting the pre-existent geometry.

The ground floor is reserved for recreational activities, socializing, gym, beauty salons with an access to the outdoor space. On the upper level we placed rooms with a corridor along the façade in this way protecting residents from outdoor noises. Our intention is to avoid the hospital environment, the served both as a communication and place to be. The front façade is characterized by organic forms – a dynamic wave that creates plasticity in the interior. This aluminum wave would function as a light reflector and transmitter. It will be a new facade system which aim is to create play of light reflected in the interior.
The choice of materials relates to the existing building, and creates a continuity between the old and new.

Lugar Cabomonte,
Monsanto, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal



1185 m²



Casa da Campo




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